We have a variety of training options to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to increase your dog’s skills, get better behavior at home or when out and about, or bond with your pup.

Group Classes

Classes are $30 each and each round runs for six weeks. There is a three class minimum. Classes are limited to six spots only.

Puppy Social

Socialization is important for puppies! We provide the opportunity for puppies to get off leash, play with other puppies, and start to learn manners. We will go over understanding body language, recognizing appropriate play, and calming your puppy down. We’ll also discuss issues such as nipping, chewing, and crate training.

Puppy Kindergarten (Tuesdays)

When vaccinations are complete and the foundation for training begun, it’s time for a structured class! Puppy Kindergarten includes handling, basic training, appropriate greetings, and walking politely on a leash. This class will also include several opportunities for off-leash play, since an hour is a long time for a puppy to focus!

Level 1 (Thursdays)

Level 1 provides training for dogs of all ages. Obedience covered includes sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, and loose leash walking. We slowly add in distractions and build on training learned.

basic Training Packages

Basic Training

$75 for an hour, includes homework

Perhaps your new puppy needs some help at home, your new rescue needs some manners work, or your dog just needs some mental exercise. Elizabeth will come to your home to help with basic obedience and manners, showing you how to handle your dog and break down the communication barriers.


Behavior Modification

$95 for an hour, includes homework

Sometimes behavior can be a little more complicated with a dog who lunges or barks on leash, won’t let you near the food bowl, or who is having a harder time adjusting to a new situation. This session will break down the behaviors and build a customizable plan to help you and your pup.



One training session (30 minutes, assessment or enrichment, daycare add-on): $55

Two training sessions (30 minutes each, daycare add-on): $90

Four training sessions (30 minutes each, daycare add-on) $150

Basic Training Details

We’ve got the basics and tricks covered! Our trainer will build the foundation for behaviors such as: sit, down, stay, take a break, look, drop it, leave it, touch, loose leash walking, recall, appropriate greetings, target, heel, and go to place. Tricks include “sit pretty”, “spin,” “paw”, “pull”, “target”, “push”, “fetch”, “take a bow,” “wipe your feet”, and leg weaves.

For daycare sessions, dogs must be daycare clients. Elizabeth will pull your pup from the playgroup to train one-on-one. We provide the treats, unless your dog has allergies. We’ll also take video and photos of the training, along with a training log that explains what we did and how to keep going. We use truly positive reinforcement methods. For the best results, please continue the homework at home and use the sessions within 2-3 weeks.

Need something not listed above? Just ask!

Shoot Elizabeth an email at for more information and with any questions.

Meet the Trainer

Elizabeth Silverstein has been working with animals since 2012. With a background in writing and communications, training dogs came naturally–with a lot of work. Before moving to Arkansas, she trained dogs on a southern New Jersey farm with Philly Unleashed. She learned how to handle dogs with a wide range of needs, including behavioral issues. In March 2019, she will take her exam for a dog training certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

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