Raising a puppy is one of the most rewarding challenges a dog lover can have. Owners that want their puppy to grow into a well-adjusted adult dog know that socializing at an early age is absolutely essential. We want to be a part of the solution.

Puppy Daycare Schedule

Check in – Puppies will arrive and go in the puppy room with toys, relaxing music, and comfortable bedding.

Playtime – Puppies will run, socialize and interact with our staff, play with toys, chase tennis balls, etc with supervision.

Rest time – Puppies are put in a crate for rest break, soothing music, soft blankets and a treat. This will assist you with crate training at home.

Training time – We will assist in basic training with your puppy reinforcing sit, stay, come, and leash training.These will be alternated throughout the day along with potty time in the front yard while leashed.


We recommend that you bring your puppy lunch. Please send a single serving lunch in a clearly labeled bag or container. Additionally, your puppy will have access to fresh water during the day. To help with training, your puppy may also be given treats throughout the day which we will provide unless you prefer to bring your own treats.


Your puppy must have received their first two sets of shots as well as their Bordetella (kennel couch) vaccination. Be sure to notify your vet at your first checkup that your puppy will be spending a lot of time around other dogs.


Puppy Daycare prices

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