Although Arkansas does not yet regulate the doggie daycare and boarding industry, we practice in accordance with regulations already in place in many states and follow standard procedures suggested by the industry and its leaders. Wags and Whiskers, LLC is registered as a legal business with the State of Arkansas and we are licensed to operate our business and we are fully insured for liability.
Our cageless play center is really a place for your dog to do what dogs do best: romp, fetch, sniff around, nap and play with other dogs. We provide supervision to be sure that dogs are properly interacting with each other. The dogs are most active in the morning and begin to settle down for a nap towards early afternoon. They usually find a favorite spot in one of the many Kuranda beds placed throughout the facility, the deck outside, or even the floor as many prefer. In the afternoon the fun usually begins again and excitement builds as dogs begin to leave after a full day and they know they will soon be picked up by their parents. You can join the private parent’s page on Facebook “Parents of Pups at Wags and Whiskers” for videos and pictures throughout the day.
Yes. Our facility is equipped with 5 rooms to easily separate small, medium and large breeds. The small dogs are in a room of their own, while the medium and large dogs that play well with one another are welcome to join the big dog group. We will become acquainted with your dog’s personality and needs, therefore, we will know which playgroup is best.
Collars, harnesses, bandanas, and jackets are removed to avoid the risk of entanglement. Please purchase a collar that is easy to take on and off when picking up and dropping off. We will not put harnesses on your dog when leaving at the end of the day due to the time it takes to put them on. Please take off any Seresto (flea and tick) collars before entering the facility as we cannot be liable for the loss of these collars.
Yes. We have fenced outside areas attached to each indoor area. Your dog is free to go in and out at will. We have pet grass in all play yards, bone shaped pools, and playground equipment for their entertainment. We do not accept any pets who have a previous history of jumping fences.
Sometimes. Dogs can sometimes have disagreements when playing with each other and we do everything we can to watch for behavioral signs that could lead to a dog becoming aggressive towards another dog. Fights are rare and minor squabbles are usually resolved by the attendant voicing their disapproval. We also have tools to distract dogs from behaviors such as humping, jumping on humans, pulling tails, and excessive barking. We are here to provide a safe and fun experience for all.
No. It is mandatory that all dogs whom are boarding or attending doggie daycare be spayed or neutered by 6 months and current on vaccinations. They must pass the initial evaluation during their first day of doggie daycare. Due to the structure of our daycare/boarding program which is cage-free daycare, it is our policy to only accept dogs for boarding who have been through our doggie daycare program. We are not your typical daycare and do not rotate our dogs in and out of kennels all day. We cater to our repeat customers and don’t take new boarding clients without a trial day of doggie daycare. Our goal is to build a community of dogs who know one another and we have worked extremely hard to build this environment because we know dogs who know one another and are familiar with their environment will be happier, less anxious, and therefore we will have less risk for any negative issues to arise in a playgroup. If Wags and Whiskers cannot provide the right environment for your dog, we will do everything we can to find a professional facility that can accommodate you.
Drop off hours are from 6AM – 6PM, Monday through Friday. 7AM – 6PM, Saturday and Sunday, for both “Full Day” and “Half Day” visits and boarding. If your dog is not picked up by 6 PM you will incur a late fee of $15. After 6:30 we will feed, water, and put your pup in a kennel for the night at boarding rates.
No. Although we do have cameras at the front desk and you are free to come in and view them at any time. Dogs often exhibit behaviors in the company of their owners that they may not exhibit on their own or in a group of other dogs. By leaving your dog in our care at the reception desk, it will start a pattern of consistency and that is the key to making drop-offs and pick-ups run quickly and smoothly after just a few visits. Getting dogs in and out of the play area is the trickiest part of our job and would become difficult to do safely with people who are perceived as “strangers” near the gates. The safety and security of the dogs in our care is always our main priority. For your safety and that of the dogs, we do not allow visitors past the reception area while daycare is in session.
Yes. Your dog will likely be asleep prior to your pulling out of the parking space. Other changes in your dog’s behavior on the first day may include loose stools due to all of the excitement of meeting new friends and excessive thirst. It takes a few visits for them to get used to drinking out of our bowls and drinking enough throughout the day to compensate for extra activity.
No. Reservations are not needed for daycare but by sticking to a familiar routine it is easier to socialize your dog. It is not mandatory, but we do suggest giving your dog a break from daycare a few times a week. Dogs who attend daycare on a daily basis may become overtired and cranky. Giving your dog a “rest day” you are allowing them to get the most enjoyment out of their time at Wags and Whiskers. We do require reservations for boarding.

Yes, you will need to purchase a pill divider and all meds must be organized by day of meds. If they are not organized upon arrival we will charge a $15 fee and we will have to contact you to confirm the meds.