Good Middle of the Night Parents,


I am taking this time of insomnia to post a little about Canine Cough, AKA Kennel Cough. The following are a few of my personal thoughts and then an article with the facts. KC is just an umbrella term for an upper respiratory infection, the same as a common cold in humans.

Its not really “kennel” cough but also “dog park” cough, “groomer” cough, “dog friendly patio”cough or just plain ole “anywhere another dog might be” cough. Because it is so common, we always include this information in our new client packets. And to make it more confusing, sometimes there is no cough.

Society views about our pets are changing for the better and we as humans are finally realizing how important animals can be to us. We are no longer satisfied leaving them in our backyards or in crates every day while we work. We are choosing to keep them happy (which makes us happy) by giving them time to socializing with others dogs, just hanging out doing cool doggie stuff.

Just remember allergies can present with similar symptoms, so it is best to contact the professionals, your personal veterinarian, for a diagnosis.

Are there any parents who have had experience with this who can post below? This might alleviate any concerns new pet parents might have regarding this issue.



So many of you have been with us for years and are familiar with the term so this is not new news to you.

But I know some of you are new to our facility and some of you are actually first time dog owners. You all just might need a little more information about this “kennel cough” stuff. Because now dogs are our companions and we are socializing them much more, this will become more common. Canine cough is not the flu!

Just as our kids can catch a cold at school, our pups can also catch a cold at school. Don’t panic! Most never slow down at all while others might rest a little more and then they are back at it! Some dogs show coughing symptoms and some will not. Others have built immunity and will never get it.

Just like a child’s daycare we encourage sharing, and unfortunately the dogs take that seriously and don’t just share toys.

Some Myths & Some Facts:

  1. My dog is vaccinated against Bordetella (Bronchiseptica), they can’t get sick. No, Bordetella Bronchiseptica is common bacteria in Canine Upper Respiratory Infections but not all. Not to mention vaccines for dogs, just like humans, are not 100% effective.
  2. Canine Cough can only be caught at kennels. No, Canine Cough is an umbrella term for an upper respiratory infection which causes a cough. Canine cough can be common at grooming facilities, dog parks, dog friendly patios, or dog friendly bars, etc.
  3. Does age and breed affect my dogs chances of becoming catching a cold? Although all dogs are susceptible. Our partnering veterinarians say dogs under 1 year, over 10 years & brachycephalic breeds (Smooshie Face), such as Frenchies, Pugs, Bostons, & Boxers… Just to name a few, have a higher chance of catching colds from their buddies.
  4. My dog has quit coughing, he’s all better, he can go back to playing with his friends. Not really true, dogs can potentially shed the infection for a week after the cough is resolved. As well their immune system might still be a little weak.


So what should we do to decreases the chances of dogs getting an upper respiratory infection?

  1. Talk with your dog’s vet. This is allergy season also so it might not be canine cough, but simply allergies.
  2. Get the Bordetella Vaccine.
  3. Check out immune Boosters such as C-Complex for dogs after consulting with your vet.


What should I do if my dog shows signs of coughing?

  1. Contact your vet to determine if it’s canine cough or allergies.
  2. Sometimes the vet will just recommend rest if it’s canine cough.
  3. Sometimes the vet will prescribe antibiotics.


Last but not least what do we do here at Wags and Whiskers?

  1. We require all dogs to have the Bordetella Vaccine.
  2. We run high quality commercial Air Oasis purifiers.
  3. We disinfect our water bowls and provide fresh water at specific times each day
  4. Our pools are disinfected each evening.
  5. We keep the bays open as much as possible when weather permits for fresh air circulation.
  6. We disinfect the floor multiple times each day.
  7. We wash all blankets each evening.
  8. We disinfect our yards multiple times a day.
  9. We keep as much concrete as possible because it is easily sanitized and doesn’t hold bacteria as much as grass and turf.
  10. We power-wash the entire facility once a week, pulling up all turf and playground equipment as well as disinfecting thoroughly on a daily basis.