Celebrate birthday parties and puppy graduation with us!

Make It Un-Fur-Gettable

Dogs provide us with companionship, all kinds of cuteness and infinite amounts of love. The least we can do as pet owners are extolling their greatness on their birthday.

No matter the occasion — a dog birthday party, gotcha day, bark-mitzvah, or simply Love Your Pet Day — or your budget, there are so many creative ways to fete the furry wonders who’ve changed our lives for the better.

PAW-TY Packages

includes: birthday treats, bubbles, birthday Bandana, and pictures

includes: birthday treats on silver platter, party hats, bubbles, cuddle or tennis toss, and videos and pictures

includes: Ball Pit, Bubbles, Party Hats, Birthday Treats on Silver Platter, Doggie Beer, Videos and Pictures, and Complimentary Birthday Bath

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